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Neostrata Skin Active Guidelines

Neostrata Skin Active

Skin Active is a new comprehensive Anti Ageing treatment regimen. The system works to reduce all the key signs of ageing by helping to build dermal collagen, lift and firm the skin and reverse and prevent further skin damage.


There are 4 products in the Skin Active range:


Powerful Anti-Ageing Ingredients

State of the art potent ingredients work together to help reverse the signs of ageing.  Some of the ingredients in the range include Retinol, Apple Stem Cell, Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Antioxidants and Peptides.


That’s a lot of active ingredients....   

This professional range consists of four intensive anti-ageing products with a mix of potent ingredients. Therefore in order to allow the products to work effectively but also to allow your skin time to adjust to the new powerful anti-ageing ingredients, it is best to introduce the range on a gradual basis.

The range is used as a system and best anti-ageing results will come from using all four products as the ingredients are designed to work together.


Sometimes our skin may seem sensitive...

In using new products it is always advisable that you patch test first. We can offer samples of the products for you to test on your skin before you purchase them. In the event that your skin is sensitive or intolerant to it you can discontinue use.


How do I use Skin Active?      

When using Skin Active by NeoStrata for the first time it is advised you gradually phase the products in to your skincare regimen over a period of two/three weeks (as described below). Whilst phasing in the Skin Active system, we also advise discontinuation of your present skincare products as the use of lots of different products may also lead to skin reactions.


Will my skin feel/look dry?

When using these products for the first time you may experience a little dryness ‘exfoliation’ of the top skin layer. This is because the Alpha Hydroxy Acids contained in the Skin Active products accelerate the skin’s natural shedding process (which slows down as we get older) and encourage the skin to shed the surface coating of dead cells and replace them with new ones at a faster rate. Alpha Hydroxy acids are discriminatory exfoliators, since they only remove the dead cells and allow the live, healthy ones to remain. This will improve over the coming weeks when the dead skin layer is shed.


How should I phase in the products?


Week One:

Use a pea sized amount of Cellular Restoration on face and neck every second night.

The following morning, use Matrix Support SPF 20 (so you are using this every other morning)

Apply both products in this way for one week


Week Two:

Increase your use of Matrix Support SPF 20 to every morning and your use of Cellular Restoration to every night.

Introduce the Intensive Eye Therapy and use it every second morning, before applying Matrix Support SPF 20.

Continue this treatment for one week.


Week Three:

Introduce the Exfoliating Wash in the morning. (Wet skin, massage in the foaming wash for 10-15 seconds wash off completely and pat skin dry).

Continue to use this wash every second day for one week.

Increase your use of the Intensive Eye Therapy to twice a day (morning and night).  The Intensive Eye Therapy should be applied about 5 minutes before application of Matrix Support SPF 20 and Cellular Restoration (which should both continued to be used daily) to allow absorption into the delicate eye area.


Week Four:

By week four your skin should be tolerant of all ingredients and it can be used as a 4 step regimen in order to receive the full benefits of its active ingredients.

Exfoliating Wash (usage can now be stepped up to twice daily if desired)

Matrix Support SPF 20 (every day)

Cellular Restoration (every night)

Intensive Eye Therapy (twice daily before applying Matrix Support SPF 20 and Cellular Restoration for best care of eyes)


During the summer months if it is very sunny or whilst on holiday, we would recommend the use of an additional sunscreen with the range.  Shiseido Urban Environment SPF30 or SPF50 would be suitable products.


Please do not hesitate to contact us on if you would like any further advice. We can also provide samples of Matrix Support SPF20, Cellular Restoration and Intensive Eye Therapy (due to the foaming nature of Exfoliating Wash this product is not produced in sample format), so you can trial products for possible sensivities before purchase.